Nifty Neat Professional Cleaning & Organization Services LLC
As a family owned, and faithfully operated business; Nifty Neat goes the extra mile to make sure your experience is one of a kind. We provide professional cleaning with a personal touch.

Choose a service to schedule

BID - $0
During the bid process all your needs will be discussed extensively. Going room by room, explaining the process that takes place in each room. This helps give each of us a better understanding of what will take place during the duration of your cleaning and allow for a fair price. This can be done virtually or in person.
Routine Cleaning (call for appointment)
We offer routine cleanings to help you to relax and enjoy your free time. Prices vary depending on how often and the upkeep of your home!
Most cleans require a DEEP cleaning first.
Deep Cleaning (call for appointment)
This is for homes that need a good top to bottom scrub down. Typically, this is something done every 6-8 months. More time is spent to get the home in the best shape & allow you to feel relaxed and at ease while you’re at home.
Move IN/OUT (call for appointment)
This is a cleaning for empty or nearly empty homes. Great to get the home ready to move into, or out of and ready to get on the market.
Post Construction/Remodel (call for appointment)
This clean is for homes that have recently had work done. This could be whole home or one room remodels, or even full builds. Typically this style cleaning could take multiple days.
Organizing (call for appointment)
Organizing is a broad spectrum. This could be organizing closets, filing cabinets, helping unpack from a move, or many other things.
I have a 2 hour minimum booking fee.
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